Camps can be booked for one, two, or three consecutive days for $165 per day.

The KMAC Youth Rock Climbing Camps are designed to bridge the indoor and outdoor climbing disciplines. Specifically, we aim to blend the best qualities of a day camp experience, the subtle observations and skills of a top-level climbing coach, and the risk management/technical skills of AMGA trained rock guides. Students will leave with a baseline of knowledge that will inform a lifetime of good decisions, not to mention they will have some of the best days of their lives. The KMAC climbing camps are consistently rated the best in the nation amongst athletes that have attended multiple camps. All our Intermediate Camps are designed for athletes that have some experience climbing in the gym, or a little outside, and want to take their Climbing to the next level. See below for the calendar and book for 1, 2, or 3 days!

All day camps will start at 8:00 and end at 4, unless other arrangements are made by the guides.

Each day out is a unique experience and we will choose a venue and itinerary based on a compromise of what everyone is psyched on. We often get questions like, “what happens if my child is much stronger/weaker than others?” This is actually much easier for us to deal with than many think, as long as everyone is capable of climbing all day we can pretty much always find climbs of the right difficulty for everyone. With an endless array of world-class climbing we feel certain we can ensure everyone leaves with an amazing experience.

Some options for the day that climbers often choose are: alpine bouldering, sport climbing, trad climbing, and even multipitch climbing!

Call for details or questions about any of these weekly programs! 970-586-5990