Our most popular entry level trip, this is the perfect day of climbing for the majority of people. This day isn’t any harder than a 4-hour trip, but the extra 2 hours allow us the time to hike a little further and get a few more climbs in—usually enough to make sure everyone leaves tired. The 4-hour trip is so quick that we need to go to places with a very short hike in.

We have designed these outings to minimize contact and on all but the most crowded weekend days we can very effectively socially distance from other groups.

If you have climbed in a gym before and are ready to make the move to climbing outdoors, this might be the perfect day, one you will never forget. We can easily add as much instruction as you can handle to fast-forward your climbing education. Please contact us if you have any questions.

*Note:  Last Minute Reservations –  We appreciate at least three days notice to make a reservation. Within three days of your preferred dates, please call our office and we will do our best to accommodate you.