Book for 2021

KMAC has worked with schools, camps, churches, clubs, teams, and pretty much every kind of youth group imaginable to bring youth into the mountains for over 30 years. Now, more than any time in that 33 year history, we believe youth (and all of us) need the wilderness. We are working with groups to set […]

2021 Climbing Camps

As lifelong rock climbers, all of us at KMAC have traveled the world seeking the best cliffs and mountains there are to offer. In our travels we have been able to experience that true climber lifestyle, that lifestyle that has inspired us to make these climbing camps something special—it revolves around making only two decisions […]

Youth Day Camp

Camps can be booked for one, two, or three consecutive days for $165 per day. The KMAC Youth Rock Climbing Camps are designed to bridge the indoor and outdoor climbing disciplines. Specifically, we aim to blend the best qualities of a day camp experience, the subtle observations and skills of a top-level climbing coach, and […]