Introduction to Trad Climbing (2-Day Course)

$330 per person for a 2-day course Traditional (trad) climbing is the art of using cracks and other natural ‘weaknesses’ in the rock to protect the climbers (as opposed to sport climbing where we clip pre-drilled bolts for protection). Trad climbing can be very rewarding as a leader chooses their own path and the party […]

Gym-to-Crag (2-Day Course)

$330 for two day course The KMAC Gym-to-Crag Course is designed for climbers looking to make the transition from the climbing gym to sport climbing (using pre-placed bolts for protection) outdoors, or for those looking for a refresher on outdoor sport climbing. In this course we will develop the skills to efficiently mitigate the hazards […]

Hire a Partner

This is your dream day on the rock! We will work with you to pull off any route, objective, or goal you have. Give us a call today to set something up! We are happy to work with youth, groups, families, and everyone else! This is also a great option for days where the reservation […]

Intro to Trad Climbing (Full-Day)

We will spend this full-day of climbing at one of the world-class crags of Rocky Mountain National Park, usually climbing a multipitch (a climb longer than one rope length) route, though we can also stay nearer the ground and work on skills. We will work with you to create a unique adventure based on your […]

Via Ferrata

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1 Person–$289.00
2 People–$438
3 People–$537
4 People–$596
5 People–$745
6 People–$894
Larger Group?

A Guided Climbing Experience Experience climbing the Via Ferrata – an exhilarating way to enjoy the thrill of mountain rock. The Via Ferrata is a unique experience that falls somewhere between scrambling and technical rock climbing, something like a ropes course up a cliff. While it is physically demanding, the system of cables and ladders […]

Intro to Rock Climbing (6-Hours)

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1 Person–$289.00
2 People–$438
3 People–$537
4 People–$596
5 People–$695
6 People–$714
Larger Group?

Our most popular entry level trip, this is the perfect day of climbing for the majority of people. This day isn’t any harder than a 4-hour trip, but the extra 2 hours allow us the time to hike a little further and get a few more climbs in—usually enough to make sure everyone leaves tired. The 4-hour […]

Intro to Sport Climbing (Full-Day)

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1 Person–$360.00
2 People–$540
3 People–$645
4 People–$640
5 People–$700
6 People–$720
Larger Group?

This full-day of climbing is perfect for those with some experience climbing who want to up their game. While our main goal will be to get you as many pitches of the best climbing as we can, we will also deliver top-notch education to help get you sport climbing on your own. Some of the […]

Taste of Climbing (3-4 Hours)

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1 Person–$249.00
2 People–$378
3 People–$477
4 People–$516
5 People–$545
6 People–$594
Larger Group?

An introduction to climbing for individuals and groups wanting to experience outdoor climbing. This adventure will be spent entirely outdoors where we can effectively social distance and avoid crowds. Perfect for individuals, small children, and groups. The Taste of Climbing can be scheduled anytime during the day for your convenience. When thinking about what time […]

Alpine Climbing

The Alpine- There’s no place quite like it; the zone in the high peaks where rock and snow define the landscape. Whether it is a pure rock climb or a combination of the 3 disciplines (rock, snow, ice), for climbers there is no better way to practice our craft than in the alpine surrounded by […]