Tuesday, July 6thTuesday, July 13th 2021

1 Person–$1,680.00

(Ages:  14 – 17)

Designed to take a background in gym bouldering to the outdoors! If you can send V3/V4 at your home gym you are qualified to check out the world-class bouldering of Rocky Mountain National Park with KMAC! Our guides will teach lessons about everything you need to know to boulder outdoors safely and with continual improvement for a lifetime of climbing. We will discuss: training, nutrition, route selection, proper spotting techniques, and a host of other topics. Students will take turns using guidebooks and topo maps to lead the group to problems then work together to come up with beta and send!

During the camp KMAC guides will assist your training and develop your climbing in the following ways:

• Finger and tendon strength
• Stamina
• Mental preparation
• Nutrition

You’ll learn the KMAC approach that identifies each aspect of a climbing situation. This involves planning, critical thinking, and analysis of systems.

Participants traveling by car should arrive at KMAC at 11:00AM on the course starting date. Pickup time is 11:00AM on the last day of the course. Additional airport pick up and drop off fees may apply.

A sample itinerary is described below. The schedule can change due to weather, group skills, and other factors.

Day 1: Students arrive at KMAC. Orientation. Equipment issue. Lunch and course overview.
Venue options: Bouldering in Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP), Suzuki boulders.

Day 2: Lumpy ridge boulders.

Day 3: Chaos Canyon Bouldering–RMNP

Day 4: Return to “projects” at Chaos

Day 5: New problem development/Rest day

Day 6: Last chance to Send “projects”

Day 7:  Breakfast. De-gear. Students depart KMAC 11:00 am